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Name:Cassandra Fraiser
Canon: Stargate SG-1

Cassandra was from a typical family on her world. She had relatives everywhere and she knew most of the people in her village by sight alone. When she was about twelve, her people became frightened of the Darkness. When the people came, they told Cassndra's family not to be afraid and so they weren't. For three months, Cassandra's people and the new people lived side by side. During that time, they stopped being afraid of the Darkness. They should have been afraid. Cassandra woke up one morning and everyone was dead. Her mother and father were dead. Her neighbors. The new people. They were all dead and so Cassandra thought that she was dead too. She ran from the new strangers when they came through the circle until they managed to coax her out. Even then, she was afraid to trust them. Afraid to wonder that if she weren't dead, maybe she was the one who had made everyone sick.

Sam helped her. Sam became, for a short time, Cassandra's entire world. She was the first person Cassandra talked to. Sam made her believe that everything was okay, even when the others found out that there was a reason she had survived an entire world's destruction: she had a bomb in her chest. She was a living weapon used by her new family's enemy, the Goa'uld, for the purpose of trying to destroy Earth's Stargate. When they found out it was a ticking timebomb, Sam stayed with her the whole time, refusing to leave her even when she might die in the explosion they believed would happen. The further she got from the Stargate, however, the better she became and the bomb deactivated. Just like that, she was alive and well and on a new planet surrounded by strangers...and by Sam.

The others quickly took her in as one of their own; she even got her first dog, Dog. When the time came to be adopted, it was one of their own who took her in, the doctor who had tried so very hard to save her, Dr. Janet Fraiser. Cassie had a steep learning curve. She'd never had a hot dog and she didn't know what a television was, but the people of the SGC became her family and she started adjusting.

The Stargate is a secret and I was born in a place called...Toronto?

Part of the reason she'd had the bomb was because she had a mineral called Naquadah in her system. This Naquadah was also in the bloodstream of most of the Goa'uld. Because of this commonality, Cassie, as she became known, was able to feel Goa'uld. A year later, she was able to sense one of these Goa'uld when she was visiting her new mother, Janet, in the hospital. Sam, the one person she trusted most of all, had a Goa'uld inside her and threatened her life. Cassie told Jack and he took her at her word. Later, the next time that Cassie saw Sam, she was free of the Goa'uld but Cassie could still feel her. It was another connection that they shared.

Sam, it's me. You're going to be okay.

Three years later, on her sixteenth birthday, things took another turn in her life. She had become a typical teenager. She had a boyfriend, she had friends, and she wanted nothing to do with her family. What she wanted to do was stay with her boyfriend. When he kissed her out on the porch, she passed out. The next thing she knew, she was in the SGC infirmary and there was something she needed to do. She had to complete the Harvest. She had what her people called the Mind Fire. When SG-1 tried to find an explanation for her illness on her home planet, they found a hidden Goa'uld research laboratory designed to take the children affected by the Mind Fire. The Goa'uld who had first turned Cassie into a living bomb, Nirrti, had also used her people as guinea pigs. She was trying to create the perfect human host.

Meanwhile, Cassie's symptoms quickly progressed. She developed a fever, her body was creating its own EM field that could disrupt electronics especially when she got upset, and eventually she began to be able to move objects with her mind.

Dr. Fraiser isn't my real mother. She died when Nirrti poisoned my village.

Sam was still the one who stuck by her and tried to do whatever it took to lift Cassie's spirits and give her hope. Cassie didn't feel hope. There was nothing they could do. Nirrti was gone and there wasn't anyone else who could stop the transformation that she knew was coming. More than that, she didn't want to stop it. She wanted the change to happen. Janet tried to convince her that this was a thing that she needed to fight, but Cassie wasn't convinced.

It looked like there was no hope until Janet found that Nirrti had found out about her newest test subject and infiltrated the base. It was then that Janet took that leap from being simply caregiver to mother. She ignored both orders and common sense and went to Nirrti, holding her at gunpoint in order to secure her cooperation in saving her daughter's life. The retrovirus had given Cassie the urges to both go to her home planet and allow the change to happen and when she was better, those urges left, but Cassie couldn't help but feel that she had missed out on something, on someone that she could have become.

Okay, but I won't be able to move the piece around by thinking about it. Sorry.

Two years later, Cassie was just starting college. She'd chosen a university in Las Vegas, just close enough to be comfortable and far enough away that she wouldn't have her family nosing into her business without at least calling beforehand. She wasn't sure what she wanted to do. Maybe she'd become a scientist like Sam or an archaeologist like Daniel or even a doctor like her mom. She had her whole life waiting for her and everything was thanks to her family. She got the call in the middle of class. 911 emergency from Sam. She had been taking a test, but it didn't matter. She just stood up and walked out.

She couldn't be there for the memorial service. Held in the Gateroom, they still weren't sure whether the proximity to the Gate would affect her. She was there for the funeral, though, and none of it seemed real. It was like reliving the death of her family seven years ago. Her heart was broken. She went back to school a short time later, but there was a change. The distance that had seemed so necessary now seemed too far. She couldn't always call Sam when she was having a bad day and Daniel, Teal'c, and Jack tried, but they had busy lives. The year after her mother died was when she had her first drink. It helped her fit in with her friends and let her forget her past for a little while. She wasn't that weird girl from another planet in her own mind anymore, she was just Cassie. The As she had been getting before her mother's death began slipping down to Bs and Cs, but she made it through that first year.

She spent the summer back at home, but things were different. Sam was in a relationship and Daniel was off in Antarctica most of the time. When Cassie went back to school, things got worse. Her Cs and Bs turned into Ds and Fs. She got into a wilder crowd and into more dangerous things than just alcohol. She was, after all, in the city of sin. Sinning was easy and she didn't care. She didn't think anyone cared. They all had their own lives. That summer, she didn't go home. Instead, after Sam had sent several calls to Cassie with no response, she took a trip up to Las Vegas and reminded Cassie of just how much they all loved her.

After that, she got her life back on track. She had to repeat a year or two of university, but she ended up graduating and getting into a decent med school. Life is hard, but Cassie has the strength of her adopted family at her back and of having survived impossible odds. Twice.

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